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West End Plays

Can't wait to get back to the theatre? Need a little drama in your life? Discover current and upcoming West End plays, browse our special offers, and book tickets for a night to remember.

Dramatic London

Plays are a piece of written literature popularly performed in a theatre setting. Although plays are available in written format, what better way to enjoy them than seeing the characters and story brought to life on stage? From magnificent West End plays to small productions in community and regional theatre, schools, and universities, many consider plays of high importance in art, literature, and entertainment. London is home to a multitude of theatres that put on the best possible productions - comedy, tragedy, and everything in between.

West End plays are a fantastic platform to showcase the talent of award-winning directors, producers, and creatives. You can also witness some of the world's leading actors perform live on stage. Whether you're looking for contemporary theatre or want to see a retelling of the Bard's classics, you can't go wrong with London theatre tickets during your stay in the capital.

Different Kinds of Plays

Suppose you've been lucky enough to see any West End plays. In that case, you already know how interesting and compelling they can be and how different people understand them in different ways. There are many types of play to enjoy in the heart of London. Which will you see?

Tragedy – A play with a tragic ending. Do not expect celebrations at the end; it won't be pretty!
Comedy – The complete opposite to tragedy, you'll laugh your socks off. Comedy is one of the most common types of play.
Melodrama – A melodrama is full of strong emotions. You will see the struggle of the hero or heroine and their quest to overcome adversity. Don't worry, though; it usually ends on a happy note!
Tragicomedy – When you can't choose between a tragedy and a comedy, why not experience both in one performance?
Domestic drama – Want to connect immediately? Witness stories of everyday life told brilliantly onstage in a domestic drama.
Symbolic – Although actors perform, this type of play puts all the focus on the idea it wants to share.